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How Does CRaVE Shipping Work?

How Does CRaVE Shipping Work?

Quality Mattresses Shipped for Free 

When it comes to shipping a bed from any retailer, it can get costly fairly quickly. To ship a bed in the U.S. from an online retailer, you could end up paying more than $100 in shipping costs. In some cases, depending on where you live, you may be spending hundreds of dollars on shipping. If you buy at a brick-and-mortar store, shipping the mattress to your home can still add to the cost of your purchase. Most traditional stores charge a flat fee, but many will charge a premium if you don’t live near the store.

 When we first started Crave, we wanted to be different. We had worked in mattress retail and manufacturing for years, so we knew some of the challenges and customer frustrations involved with shipping mattresses and charging the cost to deliver to a home. We decided to cut the cost of shipping a mattress while still allowing our mattresses to be delivered to your door.

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Our Shipping Solution

Our solution was wonderfully simple: we ship our mattress in a box compressed, so it's easier to ship by design. Here's how our shipping process works:

1) You visit CRaVE and place your order.

Decide on your mattress size, style, and whether you want a foundation and bed frame. Proceed to the checkout, pay, and tell us where to ship the product. Yes, it is really that easy!

2) When your order is placed, we put it together.

Once we have your mattress, we compress it, roll it, and prepare it for shipping. Our innovative innerspring mattress is the first of its kind that can be shipped this way, in fact. We know the benefits an innerspring mattress can offer, as well as the benefits of shipping conveniently in a box. We are proud to be the only company that offers the benefits of both! Both our mattress styles are created so they can be shipped easily. We even ship within three business days of your order.

3) We offer free shipping of your mattress to your home.

Once your shipment is ready, we send it via FedEx. We cover the costs. When you purchase a bed in a box, shipping costs are kept low. Also, we ship so many mattresses; we have been able to partner with FedEx to lower shipping rates, and we’re proud to pass on our savings in the form of free shipping to you.  We have made the process as easy and affordable as possible.

4) Receiving your new mattress

You can keep track of your order with FedEx and watch it arrive at your home quickly. Once it arrives, simply take your mattress in the box to your room, unpack the box, and set up the bed. By shipping your bed in a box, we make it easier for you to get the mattress into your home and into your bedroom. No more struggling with large and awkward mattresses—which can be especially dangerous on stairs or narrow hallways.

The mattress will naturally unroll when you open the box, allowing you to simply place it on your bed and throw on your favorite sheets and blankets. If you've purchased a bed frame and foundation from us, both also ship conveniently in a small box to your door and are easy to assemble and require no tools.

5) Your 100-day free trial begins when your bed arrives.

When you order from our website and we ship your foam or innerspring mattress in a box, you have 100-night trial to try our mattress in your home. Sleep on it, try it out, and enjoy the high-quality design we have put into every mattress. If you find that you're not 100% satisfied after 100 days, simply contact us. We will make arrangements to pick up the mattress and will offer you a full refund. We take on all the risk, so you don't have to. We are so confident you will love your new mattress we offer your money back—if you don't, no questions asked. 

We're Sure You Have Questions! We Have Answers

Can You Ship a Mattress to Me?

If you're in the continental USA, we can ship your bed to you free of charge. To find out more about having the comfiest mattress online shipped in a box. Shop our mattresses or contact us.

How Does a Box Affect Quality?

The wonderful thing about our memory foam and innerspring mattresses is that they are not damaged or compromised at all by being placed in a box and being compressed. In fact, they may be safer than traditional shipping methods. Have you ever been in a furniture store and seen the “castoffs” in the liquidation section? Some of these are mattresses that have been shipped and have arrived damaged. They have tears, gouges, and other flaws because, during the shipping process, the large and awkward mattresses got damaged.

When we ship our mattresses in a box, they remain safe. They're protected not only from damage, dust, tears, falls, odors, and anything else that could affect your mattress. Since memory foam recovers naturally from any pressure, once you open your box, the mattress will unfurl naturally and will be ready for you to use. In fact, it'll be in great condition, protected from dust, debris, and any other concerns. Even our innerspring mattress, which contains springs, will bounce back beautifully and will be ready for you to use—our innovative innerspring technology is designed to withstand this type of pressure with no resulting damage. We know what great sleep an innerspring mattress can offer, so we are proud to exclusively offer an innerspring mattress that ships directly in a box to you!

The Crave Mattress Difference

CRaVE decided to focus on memory foam and our innovation in innerspring mattresses because we knew these were the comfiest mattresses on the market. However, we're also concerned with the buying experience. We wanted people purchasing our mattresses to enjoy comfort, convenience, and savings. We have found the best of all three by using memory foam and innerspring, which can be shipped easily in a box. Our customers enjoy a cool and comfortable mattress that offers exceptional support. At the same time, they enjoy the convenience of shopping from home — no matter where they live. Finally, they can save on both our innovative design and with our free shipping.

If you'd like to experience the CRaVE difference and start enjoying phenomenal nights of sleep, contact CRaVE or place your order today. We can start assembling your order and have it shipped within three days. We cover shipping costs, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits of shopping online.

Updated: August 10, 2016
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