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Let your next mattress purchase be at Crave Mattress. Our state-of-the-art design took years to perfect, and in the 25 years we’ve been in business, we’ve sold countless innerspring and foam mattresses to satisfied people just like you. We skimp on nothing—everything from the technology we’ve used to the materials we make them with are held to the highest standards. That said, when you buy a mattress at Crave, you’ll still pay less than you will at our competitors. Not only that, we offer completely free, fast shipping to your door.


The Sleep Sherpa  - Review of our Plush Mattress

The Crave mattress is an excellent choice for people that want a mattress that will cradle and envelop their body. This mattress provides good support and feels like a traditional inner spring mattress but with the advantage of extra cushioning on the top layer. If you are seeking a softer inner spring mattress, this is it.

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My Dallas Mommy - Review of our Plush Mattress

My first night in the bed was literally “dreamy”.  No joke, I slept like a rock and didn’t even move.  I am more than pleased with this mattress, I’m ecstatic and so is my husband! The only bad part… I’m writing this post in MY BED now as it has become my new office :)!

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Ellie Miller

When my Mom said she was going to buy me a bed that was going to ship directly to me in a box I was a little apprehensive. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! Not only does it look great but it feels amazing. She bought this for my extra bedroom and I changed it to my room. I love it and would recommend it to all my friends. Who says you can't find a great surprise in a box!


Best mattress, best buying experience! It was hard for me to imagine a comfortable, supportive bed being delivered in a box. But my Crave plush innerspring exceeded my expectations! Delivery was fast and convenient, and the product has proven to be superior to any other mattress I've slept on. Soft, supportive, eco friendly, and convenient. Can't get much better than that!!

Some people like savory; others prefer sweet – which is true, even for sleep. Why is sleep important? We have different sleep preferences and sleep needs to help us function and live well, so at Crave we value a bed that offers support and comfort without the retail store prices! Although, not all of us are alike in body weight, mass, distribution, sleep habits, body ailments, etc. so when it comes to choosing the right bed, how can we know? Someone who suffers from back injuries may want a bed that is back and alignment friendly but maybe they value a plush sleep that still offers high density support. The viscous memory foam in the 10” latex and memory foam mattress is excellent for body conforming. But what if you sleep hot? Crave mattress uses the highest quality convoluted latex and memory foam material that is lighter and has better air flow qualities than most other memory foam mattresses on the market so you can sleep cooler on a latex and memory foam mattress. The Crave latex and memory foam mattress is designed to respond faster so even in sleep, or if you have to get up, it’s not a workout to do so. That’s why we call it the Crave luxury firm mattress with conforming back support. Some people prefer the hotel sleep on a cloud comfort feeling, for that, Crave mattress offers their most luxurious product, the 12” Innerspring Mattress! It’s a luxury plush mattress with pressure point support. A foam and spring mattress hybrid featuring individually pocketed coil innersprings layered with latex and memory foam. Both mattresses are engineered with the same comfort layers on top but the two cores, both excellent, are really different. The foam core provides a much firmer support but the innerspring mattress has the resilience that the only luxury, individual, fiber encased, pocketed coils offer. The individual coils move separately so that as either you or your partner moves, there is no motion transfer allowing less sleep interruption with targeted back support. Both products have been rigorously tested with body mapping technology, which show that the body is supported properly, so it’s really a matter of preference. The best part? All the visco memory foam and conventional polyurethane foams used in Crave Mattresses are bio based and replaces up to 30% of the foam’s petrochemical-derived polyol with a polyol made from soybeans! This makes a truly eco friendly mattress that was also designed with your health and safety in mind. So which sleep is for you? The firmer support comfort sleep, or plush yet supported comfort? Placed through rollator testing, Crave mattresses can last 10 years which also means you’re getting the best mattress bang for your buck. A custom made mattress with your needs in mind using locally sourced components and completely handmade in the USA, elevated at the highest standard with certifications from CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex, which Crave mattress do you choose? Make sure you pair it with our lightweight, easy to set up foundation and heavy-duty steel bed frame! Read More >> Hide <<