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Giving you the best night’s sleep is a concept that we take seriously. We buy directly from our suppliers – the spinners of yarn, the pourers of foam, the coilers of springs – and then we bargain hard to get the best price because every penny we save is a penny you save.

It’s Not Complicated!

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Amanda Grigg

Started by Amanda Grigg, creating mattresses to ensure a good night's sleep was her
passion. With 15 years’ experience working for her family’s mattress manufacturing company she knew how to build a great mattress from the inside out. She also understood the tactics and ridiculously high markups used by the brick and mortar retailers.  She knew that she could make a better mattress at a much lower price and sell directly to the consumer.

So she embarked on this incredible journey to launch her own business, Crave. With the help of her numerous professional contacts in the field, they spent many months in research and development to perfect not only a comfortable and cost-effective compressed foam mattress, but she was determined to perfect a compressed hybrid innerspring mattress as well.  Giving consumers a choice of feels was her paramount objective for she knew that one mattress doesn’t suit all sleepers.

With access to the best and brightest suppliers in the industry, she was unwavering to keep her company Made in the USA and eco-friendly.  Being in the heart of the Furniture Capital of the World, in High Point North Carolina, she had seen too many furniture and textile companies lose market share to overseas countries, resulting in closed factories and putting Americans out of work.  Crave mattresses are proudly made in North Carolina and all components are sourced within a 200-mile radius to reduce our carbon footprint.