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Understanding the Fuss About Memory Foam

Understanding the Fuss About Memory Foam

Crave memory foam vs. Tempur-Pedic: Which is right for you?

You might be curious about the Tempur-Pedic vs. memory foam debate. Many people Crave mattressrecognize the Tempur-Pedic brand name. They also recognize the high price that can come with it — with some mattress styles from the brand costing thousands of dollars. Is it worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress? Are all memory foam mattresses the same? At Crave, we read countless foam mattress reviews debating the merits and pitfalls of various brands and types of memory foam. In fact, we've spent years perfecting our designs and have more than 90 years combined experience in the mattress industry. We have a few things to say about the topic.

When it comes to memory foam mattress comparisons, there are two important things to consider: your comfort and the memory foam mattress price. Mattress prices can depend on many things — including branding, marketing, and the current demand. At Crave, we happen to think you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to sleep well. 

After extensive mattress comparison, we base our memory foam design on quality, comfort, and economy. We created a superior product and then kept our memory foam mattress prices low by reducing overhead and by cutting out markup. Because we can get our best foam beds shipped directly to you, we don't charge the markup most stores do. This saves you money without scrimping on quality.

The second thing to consider when choosing a foam mattress from an online store is the comfort. Do you like a soft mattress? For you, we have an inner coil foam mattress. We know the benefits an innerspring mattress can offer.  So we pair our quality memory foam with a base of innersprings to create the perfect mattrses for those who like it soft. Do you prefer a firmer top? We offer a medium firm memory foam mattress, which offers full support. Our mattresses are thoroughly tested and designed to make you comfortable while saving you money. You can try your option for 100 nights to ensure your complete comfort. We stand by our products for more than three months. Not many stores do the same.


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Why Pick Memory Foam at All?

With all this talk of memory foam, you may be wondering: What's so great about it? The reality is, memory foam adjusts to the shape of your body, cushioning you more fully. It feels fantastic and can provide more support for your back as well as pressure point relief. If you tend to sleep on your side, for example, you may feel less pressure at your ankles, hips and other points of contact because the mattress will yield under pressure.

Memory foam is also attractive because it is durable and truly comfortable. If you've ever experienced the sort of lumpy mattress that occurs after a few years on a cheap traditional mattress, you can appreciate the comfort of memory foam. Besides, Crave memory foam tends to stay cooler, keeping you more comfortable, especially if you tend to run hot. We have designed a quality mattress that will be just as comfortable many years from now.

Memory foam can also be easier to ship. For example, our plush hybrid innerspring and memory foam mattress or our firm memory foam and latex mattress can be compressed, rolled up and shipped directly your door. This makes it easier for you to shop online and save on shipping costs. If you've ever awkwardly tried to juggle a mattress to your apartment or house door, you'll be relieved to know you can simply bring your mattress in a box inside your bedroom, unpack it and put it on your bed. It's the easiest and most convenient way to purchase a mattress and set it up.

Memory Foam Mattress Comparisons

If you’re buying a foam mattress, do you think all memory foam mattresses are the same? They’re not. For decades, the team at Crave worked in the mattress manufacturing and retail industries. We’ve seen mattresses made, sold and returned. We know what makes mattresses work — and what makes customers frustrated with the product. We’ve used this insight from the mattress industry to craft products designed to exceed all customer expectations.

Memory foam mattress prices vary as much as their quality — and simply spending more doesn't necessarily guarantee you a better product. Some memory foam mattresses are made out of polyurethane, while others are made out of a combination of polyurethane and other materials. Even the makeup of the product can be different. For example, our design at Crave replaces 30% of petroleum products in our mattresses with soy-based ingredients, ensuring our memory foam mattresses are bio-sourced. Also, we combine latex and memory foam for a more comfortable, more supportive mattress.

Yet we don't charge you more. Crave keeps overhead costs low and ships directly to you, keeping costs down. It just goes to prove a discount foam mattress doesn't necessarily mean lower quality. We want to offer the best foam beds shipped directly to you, so we based our design on the highest quality possible as well as on an affordable price. We can ship your foam mattress — including your king-size, queen-size or other full-size mattress — directly to you with no shipping costs or hidden fees.

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress Online

When buying a foam bed online, you may quickly realize that quality varies widely. Some foam mattresses are very thin or aren't made with fine detailing. At Crave, we work hard to offer you the highest quality possible. Our mattresses are 10” and 12”, ensuring you get proper support and cushioning.

If you’re ready to experience beautiful sleep at a price that won’t leave you tossing and turning let Crave find the best mattress for you. It will be shipped within three business days.  Are you ready for the best night's sleep of your life?

Updated: August 10, 2016
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