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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Mattress Online

Buying a new mattress is not fun. You have to head to a mattress store, lay around on mattresses for longer than you’d like, haggle with a salesperson about an aggressively overpriced mattress, then wait for a delivery guy to show up weeks later.  But is there a better way?

Why Order a Mattress Online?

Most of us are willing to order just about anything from the internet, just look at the success of Amazon, but mattresses seem a little weird. For one, they’re huge and hard to ship, not to mention expensive. But more importantly, they’re one of those rare things that you really want to try before you buy. All mattresses are a little different, and your sleep is important. Picking the right mattress can make a significant difference in how well you snooze.

Yet, there’s a sameness in mattresses that’s hard to describe. Sit on a $5,000 mattress and a $1,000 mattress, and many of us can’t tell the difference. Even comparison shopping can be a pain since manufacturers sell exclusive lines to different retailers, making comparison shopping impossible. Then, when you finally pick something you want, you’re expected to haggle over the price.

And who doesn’t feel a little strange trying out dozens of mattresses in a retail store? You roll around from bed to bed, all the while a creepy salesman is standing over you. Of course, he is pushing the mattress du jour, he’s making what is called a SPIFF, an extra bonus paid by the manufacturer to push their brand.

where to get the best mattress online

Then you sit home all day waiting for the delivery truck and another day of lost wages. Why put up with all the hassle when there is an easier way. Find the best place to buy a mattress online!

The Benefits of Buying Online

First of all, there are generous return policies. At CRaVE Mattress we offer a 100-night sleep trial. Choosing a mattress shouldn’t be like speed dating. It’s a long-term relationship and you need more than 10 minutes in a retail store to decide if it’s the right one for you. That’s why we offer a 100-night sleep trial on all mattresses. It can take a little while to adjust to a new mattress and we suggest that you sleep on your mattress for a few weeks to allow your body to adjust. 

If you decide that the CRaVE Mattress is not right for you, just let us know and we will arrange to have your mattress donated to a local charity. We will issue a 100% refund for your mattress purchase.

The Price - How Much Does It Really Cost To Make a Mattress?

The short answer is - mattresses have HUGE markups over the manufacturing costs. A mattress that costs $300 to manufacture might sell for $4000 in a mattress store. Why? Rent, overhead, middlemen, sales commissions and SPIFFS, 2 men and a delivery truck, etc.  

At CRaVE, we bypass those costs and pass those savings on to the consumer. Ever since we started, we believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and so we make our high quality mattresses affordable for all. Best of all, we use the best components available and everything is sourced and produced in the United States, keeping American workers working.

We are also devoted to giving our customers the best possible buying experience with chat, phone, or email just a click away. Our friendly customer service agents are available to answer all your questions. No confusing sales tactics – just true luxury at an affordable price.

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