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Sleeping Tips For Pregnant Women


Sleep is a precious thing. Not only does it help us relax, but it also helps our bodies recharge and heal. However, when you’re pregnant, sleep can sometimes be hard to come by. Tossing and turning, uncomfortable positions, and constant bathroom visits can make night time a difficult time. The experts at CRaVE have made this blog to help all women in any stage of pregnancy get a good night’s sleep. Keep reading further to see the best sleeping tips for pregnant women.


Now it may not always be the easiest, or highly recommended, activity to do the further along you are in your pregnancy, but even a simple walk around the block can do wonders for you while pregnant. Exercise helps increase cardiovascular health, circulation, and can help build muscle. Increased circulation will help reduce nighttime leg cramps, more muscle benefits women battling a big belly, and cardiovascular health helps benefit your whole body as it makes sure every cell gets a proper portion of oxygen. Just make sure you don’t do it too close to bedtime. Exercise releases adrenaline, which will keep you up even longer during the night.

Minimize Stress

We get it, your body is changing and now you can’t do or enjoy most of the things you loved before you were pregnant. Sometimes reducing stress is nearly impossible as it can be affected by outside forces. Though you may not be able to control everything that happens around you, you can control your stress levels. If you find yourself to be stressed out by a certain situation, remove yourself from the hostel environment and practice breathing exercises. Take a warm bubble bath with some scented oils to help you relax. Talk to friends, family, or coworkers to help get that stress off of your shoulders. Watch a funny movie with your significant other, or treat yourself to your favorite dessert. Reduce your stress levels and come bedtime, you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Or like how you hope your baby will be sleeping.

Sleeping Position

After about 20 weeks, stomach sleepers will no longer be able to partake in their favorite sleeping position. Laying flat on your back may not be the best position for you either as you may develop back problems, especially if your mattress isn’t up to the task of supporting you and your baby. Instead, lay on your left side. This will increase blood flow to the fetus as well as your organs. You can always add pillows under your knee and stomach for added support.

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Know When To Eat What

Before you were pregnant, you could go through an entire basket of hot wings and sleep soundly through the night. But now, you even look at a pepper and you get heartburn at the same time every night. Though the cravings may be too much to handle sometimes, try to avoid spicy, acidic, and fried foods at night. All of these are known to cause heartburn and acid reflux, especially in pregnant women. But if you can’t resist a basket of jalapeno poppers dipped in salsa, just make sure to have some antacids on hand just in case.

If chronic heartburn or acid reflux is a problem for you and you don’t eat these types of foods, there are a few things you can try to alleviate the problem. For instance, don’t recline after eating a meal for at least an hour. If the symptoms are worse at night, try sleeping with your head elevated. If the problems persist, you may want to talk to your doctor to get to the root of the problem. Nausea can be combated with foods like saltines. Well balanced diets are highly recommended and benefit both you and your baby.

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