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Is Your Mattress Helping Or Hurting Your Back?

Sleeping is supposed to be a time to relax and unwind, leaving your stress and problems behind from the day before. But if your mattress isn’t supporting you properly, that stress may carry over into the next day and cause even more problems for you. If you’re consistently waking up with back pain or you aren’t getting enough sleep at night it may be time to look at your mattress. Luckily the experts at CRaVE Mattress are here to help teach you how to get a better night's sleep.

How Your Back Works

Spoiler alert: your spine is the center of your back. Not only is it the epicenter of movement, but most of the muscles and nerves located in the back are connected to it. The spine is also one of the longest bone structures in the human body, extending from your tailbone all the way up to the top of the neck, and is made up of about 220 individual ligaments. Right around 25 percent of the spine’s length is made of cartilage which helps cushion it as it bends. The spine is also one of the strongest structures in your body, being able to withstand and support your body weight, gravity and other external forces all at the same time. Basically put, your spine is what holds you together and is the reason you can move about. It is one of the most important structures in your body, and if not properly taken care of can lead to chronic problems later in life.

How Your Mattress Affects Your Spine

When you lie down on something, your spine moves depending on the surface it’s pressed against. This new alignment may put dozens to hundreds of pounds of pressure on your spine. For instance, if you were to lay on your back on the floor, the surface would support all of the points that your body touched. Your neck, upper/middle back, bottom, and legs would all be supported equally. Your lower back would be left on it’s own since our spines are curved. This puts loads of pressure on this part of your body as you lay there.

If you moved to your side on top of the same surface, your spine’s alignment will be thrown off. Your spine always wants to keep this natural alignment, and when it’s not aligned properly you could feel discomfort or even develop back or neck pain depending on how long and how often you stay in that position. If your spine is unaligned or is plagued by pounds of pressure while you’re sleeping because your mattress isn’t supporting you properly, it won’t be able to rest and heal from the pressure that was placed on it the day before. This leads to back and neck pain that can have damaging effects to your body now and in the long run. That is where a good pillow and mattress come into play.

When sleeping, a good mattress will support every point of your body. This helps your spine achieve that natural alignment and takes large amounts of pressure off of it, letting it rest easily at night and heal. Using a pillow that’s the right size for you will also help align your spine and get you comfortable at night. When you achieve perfect alignment your spine sheds all of the pressure from the day before, letting you sleep through the night and wake up feeling happy and refreshed.

If you aren’t happy with your mattress, or it’s just time to get a new one, CRaVE has the perfect bed to help you get a better night’s sleep. View our collection of mattresses and choose the one that best fits your needs and style. You can also check out our accessories to find your next favorite pillow, mattress cover or bed frame. Read reviews of our highly satisfied customers or contact us today to answer any questions you may have about CRaVE or our mattresses.

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