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How To Decorate Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Do you constantly wake up in the middle of the night or half an hour before your alarm is supposed to go off? Unfortunately, you aren’t alone. A lot of people go through the same thing. But the good new is that there are ways to help you get those eight or more hours a night without having to take sleep medication, and it all starts with the room you sleep in. At CRaVE, the best online mattress company established right here in the USA, we know a thing or two about good sleep. Keep reading to find out how to decorate your bedroom for a better night’s sleep.

Get Dark

When it comes to sleep, darkness is your ally. When it comes to getting that really good sleep that makes you feel rested and rejuvenated, known as REM or rapid eye movement, your body needs the room to be dark. Now we’re not saying lock yourself in a coffin and go full vampire especially if you’re claustrophobic or love to eat garlic, but you will want your sleeping chamber to be as dark as possible. However, in our advanced day and age, getting a room dark enough to sleep in can be difficult, especially with light producing objects like televisions, computers, phones, and digital clocks, which all contribute to lighting the way straight to ‘team no sleep’.

Blackout curtains are a great way to make any room pitch black and perfect for a long night’s rest. Putting phones away in a night stand or not even bringing them to bed is a great way to help darken your room. Hiding TVs and computers in armoires, roll top desks, or another room can help bring darkness into your sleeping quarters. Ditching the ominous, red glowing digital clock for an old fashioned alarm clock will add a retro look to your room while also getting rid of that glaring ruby beacon that used to keep you up at night.

Find That Perfect Temperature

Ever try sleeping in a sauna? Not one of those relaxing saunas. We’re talking about the kind where the air feels like you’re breathing in warm soup, and you can’t get comfortable no matter what position you try. The opposite can also be a factor as no one likes to sleep in an arctic tundra in just their underwear and a thin blanket.

Finding that right temperature balance is the key to obtaining the perfect night’s sleep. Use as many or as little blankets that will make you comfortable. Adjust your thermostat to find the sweet spot that helps you sleep the entire night. Get a fan and open a window at night to let cool air in or make sure all of your windows are properly sealed during the colder months to prevent the elements from getting in. Portable heaters can also be used in the winter to help get you warm and cozy for bedtime. Thick curtains and special window treatments are also great means of insulating your room.

Redo The Room

If you’re having a really hard time sleeping through the night and you’re looking for a good excuse to give your bedroom a makeover, then redoing your room may be your best option. First off, make sure your room is clean and tidy. A cluttered room can cause stress and anxiety which, when left unchecked, can lead to abnormal sleeping behaviors. Get rid of anything in your room you feel you no longer need or have or use, or simply move it to another, more open room if you really want to keep it. Remove anything in your room or house that may be causing you anxiety.

If the walls of your room are boring beige or a striking scarlet, consider painting your room a nice calming blue or an easy going grey to help you get better sleep. Set up your bed and other furniture in a different layout to make your room feel more open. Design your room the way you want to make it feel more welcoming to you. Use soothing smells like eucalyptus, chamomile, and vanilla in a diffuser to relax at night. Or get a soothing sound machine that plays noises like whale calls, chirping crickets, or the ocean.

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