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Good Sleeping Habits

In 2013 the CDC reported that 9 million Americans took prescription sleep aids. We have 3 tips to help with a good night’s sleep without taking drugs.

1. Melatonin – Melatonin regulates your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. Several foods contain natural melatonin without having to take a supplement. The best, we found, is tart cherry juice taken before bedtime. Other foods containing high amounts of melatonin are pineapples, bananas, kiwi, and tomatoes.

2. Controlling light – Melatonin is sensitive to light even with your eyes closed. Draperies with blackout lining, sleep masks, no blue light from electronics will all help to keep your melatonin production regulated.

3. Buy high quality mattress that you can afford. An old mattress that is not supportive will cause you to toss and turn at night disrupting your sleep. At CRaVE Mattress, we believe everyone deserves a high quality mattress and a good night’s sleep.

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