Easy Foundation

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This was by far the easiest foundation I have setup. You basically just insert 4 pegs, 1 in each corner to secure the frame together then roll the slats onto the top which is secured by Velcro.
—Ben, Sleep Sherpa

DETAILS: Remember box springs that would support our mattresses back in the day? Crave Mattress offers a better solution that is both easy to assemble, supports your mattress, and pretty on the eyes. Now that we have your foundation, which mattress do you choose? 

Height: 8” tall

Features: No tools required for easy assembly, Fire retardant compliant, all North American sustainable forest lumber and microfiber cover, Made in the USA 


Do You Need a Mattress and Box Spring/Foundation Shipped?

Sure, you can buy just a mattress and set it up on the floor. However, a foundation for your mattress can help make your bed even more comfortable, cleaner and better looking. Foundations that fit any size mattresses, including memory foam mattresses offer several benefits:

  • They protect your mattress from the floor. A foundation can keep your mattress free from dust, stains, spills and dirt. By keeping the mattress free of the floor, you may even be able to prevent rips and premature wear and tear.  It also keeps bugs from finding their way in or around your mattress of boxspring.
  • A foundation for your innerspring or memory foam mattress provides an extra layer of comfort and firmness, helping you get a more restful sleep and wake up refreshed.
  • Memory foam mattress foundations make it easier to get in and out of bed by providing a bit of height to your mattress. 
  • A mattress foundation makes it easier to make the bed by elevating your mattress.
  • Aesthetically, a king or queen memory foam mattress foundation looks better. A bed generally looks better elevated, and if you have a larger bed, especially a queen, king or California king, some form of support under the mattress balances out the surface size.

What's the Difference Between a Box Spring and a Foundation?

A box spring was essentially a mattress with a firm box inside. It looks just like a mattress, but is hollow and made of wood or plastic sides. A foundation for your memory foam mattress, on the other hand, is not a bulky box spring mattress that'll cost you a fortune in shipping. The Crave memory foam mattress foundation consists of just a few pieces that can be shipped in a box and can be assembled with no tools. The inside stays hollow, allowing more air to circulate under your mattress, enhancing your comfort.  A foundation, unlike a boxspring, can also ship conveniently in a box directly to you door.  It can be easily constructed with no tools.

Isn't Shipping a Mattress and Box Spring/Foundation Going to Cost a Lot?

When traditional box spring mattresses ship to your home, they can cost a lot to transport because they are so bulky. Box springs and mattresses that ship together can double your delivery price when compared with just a mattress. The Crave foundation platform for your memory foam mattress ships flat and is lightweight, however, ensuring you don't pay more.

Rather than trying to figure out the costs of having mattresses and box springs shipped, buy a Crave innerspring or memory foam mattress platform bed and save money. You’ll be delighted by our mattress and foundation shipping costs, because our bedframes, foundations and mattresses ship for free!

At Crave, our team has worked with the top five mattress and furniture stores in the country, so when we started our business to bring the best mattresses to homes across America, we knew we had to out-do mattress and furniture stores. We've done this by keeping overhead low and selling direct, thereby reducing markups. We've also done it by choosing products that are easy to ship and save you on ordering costs while saving us on warehouse costs.

We use independent labs to ensure our memory foam mattresses are safe and comfortable. Both our foundations and mattresses are USA-made, ensuring quality and comfort for you.

The Crave Difference

Crave puts our customers first. We know you care about quality, which is why we work so hard to bring you two styles of mattresses with exceptional support and comfort. We also know you want to save money, which is why we do everything possible to keep costs low and bring you incredible bargains.

Finally, our customers have told us they care about the economy and the environment. For that reason, Crave sells mattresses and foundations with all components manufactured not only domestically in the United States but also locally within a 200-mile radius. This allows us to support local jobs and the economy and also to cut back on carbon emissions by reducing transport over long distances. Also, our polyurethane and memory foams replace 30% of the petroleum with a soy-based product, making the products bio-based.

If you'd like to learn more about Crave or our mattresses and our foundations, contact us today.  We’re always happy to listen and to help. Our goal is to support you in getting a better night’s sleep and to help you enjoy your mattress-buying process.


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