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How to Properly Clean Your Mattress

We do a lot of things on our beds. Sleeping, eating, building pillow forts, our mattresses have seen it all. We don’t always treat them right, and sometimes we have to clean them. Unfortunately they don’t fit in the wash machine, and getting them dry cleaned could cost a fortune. Just like your mattress, CRaVE has your back with our handy guide for when it comes time to clean your rectangular friend.

Vacuum It

No, seriously, vacuum it. Take off any and all covers, attach your vacuum hose and go to town. You’ll get rid of dead skin cells, pet dander, dust, errand pizza crumbs, and any other loose debris that’s easily collected from the suction of your vacuum. If you don’t have a hose attachment for your vacuum a handheld vacuum works just as well. However, we do advise against placing your floor vacuum directly on top of your mattress. The bottom of your floor vacuum may be dirty and can cause further damage to your mattress. Stick to hoses and hand vacuums for this venture.

Get the Chemicals

Spills happen, especially when you’re laying in bed trying to elegantly sip coffee out of a lidless mug. If the stain didn’t come from an outside source, meaning outside of you or another human being, chances are the protein based (blood, sweat, urine) mark may have been there awhile. Either way, you’ll want to act as quickly as possible to get rid of any stainable substance that comes into contact with your mattress. There are a few at home methods you can use to get rid of stains, if you don’t want to use store bought cleaner. For instance the combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda mixed together in a spray bottle is good at getting rid of a variety of stains. Otherwise use non-toxic cleaner and watch your stains fade away.

Get Rid of That Odor

If you have pets or kids you’ll definitely want to do this. The best way to deodorize your mattress is by shaking a light layer of baking soda on top of it. Let this sit for a few hours and vacuum it up when it’s ready. Be thorough and get in all of the crevices to make sure you get out all of the powder. If you’d like you can also spray your favorite scented air freshener on top to add a twist of pine, lavender, citrus or anything else you may fancy. Just make sure it’s safe to put on mattresses or furniture so you don’t accidentally damage your bed.

Give It Some Air

It may not be as easy to do if you live in an apartment or an urban area, but if you have the ability to take your mattress outside it can definitely help it. The sunlight will kill bacteria and can even deodorize your bed naturally. Put your mattress on top of a clean tarp, plastic sheet or raised surface and be sure it’s covered or there will be good weather throughout the day so your mattress doesn’t get rained or snowed on.

Cover it up

After you’re done cleaning your mattress make sure you cover it up with a protective mattress cover. These will protect your mattress against dirt, crumbs, stains, and just about anything else you can throw at it. If you don’t have a mattress cover you can browse our selection of great mattress covers!

If your mattress is beyond repair, or it’s just time for a new one, CRaVE has the right mattress for your style and comfort. We’ll even ship it to you for free! Check out our story and meet the people behind your next favorite mattress. If you don’t believe us, read reviews from our well-rested and satisfied customers.

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