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CRaVE And The Future Of Mattresses

Recently, the founder and creative director of CRaVE mattresses, Kathy Grigg, sat down with Tuck, a company devoted to bringing people evidence-based information about sleep as well as unbiased mattress reviews. The two talked about CRaVE’s history, what makes us different from other online mattress companies, and where Grigg sees the future of mattress purchasing and delivery heading. Let’s highlight a few of the bigger talking points in today’s blog post.

CRaVE’s History

Most people know the history of mattress companies. For decades, they were manufactured by the mattress company and then sold in third-party stores. For Kathy Grigg and her husband, that same model was theirs for about 25 years. “We were producing about 1,200 pieces (mattresses and foundations) a day and selling to some of the largest retailers in the United States,” Grigg told Tuck. This is what helps set CRaVE apart from other online mattress companies: years of experience and knowledge about mattresses. With some of the most experienced owners and founders, CRaVE sets itself apart from the rest and offers some of the most comfortable mattresses sent right to your doorstep.

Tuck also asked about our company name and how we came up with it. After coming up with and using a complex algorithm, our founder Kathy Grigg explains how our team came up with the name CRaVE, “I wish I could say there was a great story behind our name. We wanted something short and catchy. We put up names on a whiteboard and by process of elimination CRaVE rose to the top.”

What Sets CRaVE Apart

Every CRaVE mattress is 100 percent American-made and all of the materials are locally sourced within 200 miles of our North Carolina manufacturing facility. All of our products are eco-friendly and will help support you throughout the night, giving you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Kathy Grigg also notes the fact that CRaVE is one of the only boxed mattress companies that offers foam as well as hybrid and memory foam as well as innerspring mattresses that are shipped to your front door. “Pocketed coil innersprings work together to provide the ultimate comfort and superior support,” explains Grigg while talking about the benefits a hybrid mattress offers. Other “bed in a box companies” only offer foam as it’s easier to decompress and fit in a box. But at CRaVE, we go above and beyond to not only make it more convenient to buy a mattress, but to also get a great one at a reasonable price.

The Future Of Mattress

Like most innovative products and means, shippable boxed mattresses are the latest craze in a never-ending line of crazes. Like most trends, bandwagon companies and marketers pop up to try and make a quick profit. In the long run, Grigg sees most of these bandwagon companies eventually fizzling out as people realize their products can’t compete with that of real online mattress companies that sell high-quality products. “The cream always rises and in 2 to 3 years there will be much fewer survivors. Those that offer a quality product are honest, knowledgeable, and transparent will survive,” explains Grigg. She believes it will take a little time since underqualified companies can use ads and social media to push their brand, but eventually only the best online mattress companies will stand out.

The founder of CRaVE also touched on a bold prediction she had heard about at a conference. She explains that the “bed in a box” idea was a “disruptor in an industry that was ripe for disrupting,” suggesting that it was finally time for the mattress industry to change how products were purchased and obtained. “...I heard a prediction that in 5 years, all mattresses will be sold compressed,” Grigg noted, describing what she learned at the conference.

If you would like to read the entire interview between Tuck and our very own Kathy Grigg, click here! You can also read Tuck’s review about CRaVE and all of our mattresses. If you’d like to learn more about the best place to buy a mattress online, view the full history behind CRaVE Mattress, read reviews made by our satisfied customers, or contact us today to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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