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Benefits Of Using An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed frames are some of the newest and most innovative pieces of sleep technology. Thanks to these modern innovations, people everywhere can adjust their beds to help them sleep better than ever. In a day and age where we can optimize just about anything, it’s about time that we also adjust our beds to better suit our sleeping style. In today’s blog, Crave Mattress, the providers of some of the best mattresses and adjustable bed frames around, will be going over some of the many benefits that come along with owning and using an adjustable bed frame.

Decrease Back Pain

Are you tired of waking up with back pain every day? Then an adjustable bed frame may be the perfect solution for you. Adjusting your bed so that both your head and feet have the right amount of surface to rest on, you’ll be able to properly support your spine. This can help to alleviate pressure on your sciatic nerve, which can help to ease back pain. Chronic health issues that can cause massive amounts of pain, such as sciatica, can be improved and greatly diminished when using an adjustable bed frame. Simply adjusting your head to a 45 degree angle and raising the feet can be enough to alleviate tons of pressure from the spine.

Alleviate Sleeping DisordersAlleviate back pain with an adjustable mattress base

For those who live with a sleeping disorder, or those living with someone with a sleeping disorder, you understand how stressful just getting a good night’s sleep can be. Snoring, asthma, and sleep apnea are all chronic conditions that can make it difficult for those affected and those living with them. Snoring usually occurs when someone is lying flat. This causes the neck to put added weight on the windpipe, which then creates the snoring noises we’re all accustomed to. Using an adjustable bed frame can help reduce the weight on the windpipe while also helping to reduce breathing problems caused by asthma and sleep apnea. Simply raise the head to help your body breathe easier at night.

Support The Digestive System

If you’re constantly regretting those late night snacks, or you’re just simply tired of waking up with debilitating acid reflux, then you may want to consider investing in an adjustable bed frame. When you sleep on a flat mattress, stomach acids can move into your esophagus, which results in acid reflux and heartburn when you wake up. Whether you eat right before bed or not, you can still wake up with different severities of acid reflux and heartburn. Using an adjustable bed frame can help reduce these digestive issues from happening by simply raising your head up to eight inches. This can even help improve your overall digestion as you sleep, helping you feel happy and healthy when you wake up.

Ease The Effects Of Insomnia

One of the most debilitating sleeping disorders there is, insomnia can be incredibly frustrating to try and live with. Those with insomnia are always trying to find a new and better way to get to sleep. No matter what kind of insomnia you’re living with, an adjustable bed frame can be the solution you’ve been looking for. With numerous positions to choose from, you can find the perfect angle you need to get to sleep each and every night. An adjustable bed frame can also help improve circulation, which may just be exactly what you need to stop the endless nights of tossing and turning to find the perfect position.

Reduce Swelling And Joint PainAdjustable mattress bases provide numerous health benefits

Edema, which is the swelling of the legs caused by fluid retention, can occur in pregnant women, those recovering from injury, or those suffering from illness. Not only is this condition extremely uncomfortable, but it can also cause those suffering from it to have a hard time getting to sleep. Similarly, different forms of joint pain can be caused from swelling or inflammation of tissue. One of the best ways to help combat swelling in the legs and lower joints is to elevate your legs above the level of your heart. An adjustable bed is the best way to help reduce swelling for those that need to be confined to a sitting or lying position.

Can Improve Relationships

For some people, their bed can cause much more stress in their lives than just chronic back and neck pain. If you’re in constant pain, chances are that intimacy isn’t very high on your list of things to do. This can cause major stress in many aspects of your life, including mental, emotional, and social health. With traditional flat bed frames, both partners had to remain in the same flat position throughout the entire night. Now, with an adjustable bed frame, couples can adjust their bed in ways that help them sleep throughout the night. Not only can this help reduce back and neck pain, but it can also help couples wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated.

Here at Crave, we now provide some of the best adjustable bed frames around with our Premium Adjustable Base. Each one allows you to arrange your bed in a way that’s comfortable for you. Modify your bed frame with the wireless remote to find the perfect position without having to get up. Learn more about our Premium Adjustable Base, view all of our mattresses online to find the best one for you, or learn more about our 100 night trial on all of our premium mattresses.

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