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Luxury, Comfort and Sleep!

We are certainly not one of those gurus who tell us what the next big trend is going to be, however, we definitely have seen certain shifts at retail recently.  In a mattress industry known for making the consumer dizzy with choices and trying to keep up with trends, consumers and their beliefs are now calling the shots.  Name brands are having to make their product's functions speak louder than their bling.

Luxury is for everyone and offered at all price points. Just take a look at Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes Smart Car is a Mega hit in Europe, Australia, Asia and Canada because of the fuel economy, and so small that two can fit into a parking space.  Mercedes was hesitant to introduce it into the United States for fear of tarnishing it’s luxury brand.  It starts at a retail price of $13,000.  

At other companies, as at Mercedes, status is increasingly measured by what’s on the inside.  The key here is that all consumers are looking for luxury and we should probably be rethinking our definition of luxury.  Luxury comes in many different forms for many different people.

When we talk about mattresses, to us the most important element is comfort.  No matter what the price point, when you lie on a mattress you want to feel as if you are being held and caressed.  Luxury is about treating yourself.  We want to feel that our bedroom is really a place to retreat, a gift to ourselves for all our hard work.  Shouldn’t this luxury be available to ALL consumers?  At CRaVE mattress it is.

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