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6 Tips to Waking Up Energized Every Morning

6 tips to waking up energized in the morning

Do you wake up refreshed every morning, bounding out of bed ready to tackle whatever the day may throw at you? If you answered no to that question, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from low energy levels. It’s all they can do to tear themselves out of bed when the alarm goes off, never mind bounding anywhere.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. Waking up energized has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with smart planning and shrewd habits. If you want to know how to wake up refreshed and with energy every morning, follow these six tips to see your alertness and productivity skyrocket.

  1. Stop Sleeping In

It would seem as though the more sleep you get, the more energetic you would be, right? Actually, this isn’t always the case. While it is important to get eight hours of sleep per night, it’s actually more important to get up at the same time every day. That means weekends, too — no exceptions.

Our body clocks get into a rhythm, and when you disrupt that rhythm by sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday, your body clock becomes confused, resulting in lethargy.

  1. Exercise

As if you need another reason to get out the door, exercise can help improve the quality of your sleep. When you tire yourself out physically, you’ll be eager to go to bed at night and sleep more soundly. 

  1. Eliminate Electronics After Dark

Your smartphone addiction may be sapping your energy levels. Being exposed to artificial light that emanates from cell phones, computers and tablets can inhibit the release of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that’s secreted at bedtime. Shut down your electronic devices a couple hours before bedtime, and do not under any circumstances bring your smartphone to bed unless you want to be staring at the ceiling for hours after bedtime.

  1. Take Naps

If you want to wake up energized, you need to make sure your body is getting enough rest. Taking naps is a great way to do this. A short afternoon power nap can make up for a night when you got only a few hours of sleep. Plus, naps have great health benefits such as lowering stress levels.

  1. Make the Bedroom a Zen Den

The bedroom should be the place where you relax. The moment you enter the room, your entire body should feel at ease. You want to trigger feelings of tiredness and release so that it will be easy for you to slip into slumber. You can do this by setting the stage for sleep. Make sure to have:

  1. Unwind Before You Hit the Hay

If you go to bed and you’re still tense and wound up from your day, chances are you’ll be tense and wound up while you sleep, too. Figure out a way to unpack your emotions before bed so you don’t wake up with them weighing on you. Talk to a spouse or write in a journal.

If you adopt these habits, you, too, can wake up energized and ready to take on the day each morning!

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