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7 Thoughts People Who Love Going to Bed Early Can Relate To

7 Thoughts People Who Love Going to Bed Early Can Relate To

Is your Instagram devoid of photos posted after 8 pm? Do you awaken to 30 text messages on your phone that were sent after you went to bed the night before? Has your waiter ever asked you at dinner if you wanted the early bird special? Are you in your pajamas around the time your roommate starts getting ready for a night on the town?

Congratulations — you’re an early to bed, early to rise-type person. There are many wonderful things about going to bed early. You probably do it because you love sleeping and you can’t bear the thought of getting too little shuteye.

It always seems there are more people who go to bed late than who go to bed early. If you’re one of the rare ones in that second category, here are seven thoughts you can undoubtedly relate to.

  1. “Praise the Creators of Online Video”

The last time you stayed up for “Saturday Night Live,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” or “The Daily Show” was, well, never. You catch up with all those programs the next morning, when clips are posted online. Thank goodness, too, because those jokes are way funnier in the morning with a cup of coffee than at night when you’re fighting to stay awake.

  1. “My Productivity Is Out of Control”

Have you noticed you tend to get more done than other people around you at work? You’re crushing it because you’re well-rested every morning and you come to work raring to go. Meanwhile, your cubicle mate is mainlining coffee and zoning out over their keyboard.

  1. “I’m Better Than You”

Admit it — you feel the teensiest bit superior to friends who sleep ‘til 11 am because they were up ‘til 3 am. You, on the other hand, have already made breakfast, done the dishes, walked the dog, repaired a broken showerhead, run three miles, made a batch of cookies and found your daughter’s lost library book.

  1. “What’s an Alarm Clock?”

Your body wakes up naturally once it’s gotten enough sleep. When you go to bed early, even if you love sleep, you’ll awaken on your own without the assistance of an alarm clock in plenty of time to tackle the day.

  1. “Let Me Teach You How to Go to Bed Early”

You know your approach to bedtime is the right way, and you want to share it with your late-to-bed friends.

  1. “Sure, I’ll Take the Early Flight”

Everyone else is jostling for flights that take off at noon. You’re happy to take the 6 am flight, and you aren’t even phased by the fact that you have to get to the airport at 4 am.

  1. “Why Would You Ever Send Me a Text After 9?”

Your friends just can’t accept that you go to bed early. They seem to think by texting you at 10 pm, they can break you of the habit. But the joke’s on them, because you’re well-rested come morning and ready to engage in texting when they’re still blurry-eyed and fumbling.

Are you a morning person? What thoughts can you share? Sound off in the comments below!

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