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5 Tips to Get a Better Night's Sleep With Your Partner

5 tips to get better sleep with your partner from Crave Mattress

Can’t sleep? The person you share your bed with may be to blame. Many people are completely compatible outside the bedroom, but when it comes to sleeping patterns, they don’t match up with their sleeping partners. Is it time to find a new significant other?

No, no, no. You don’t need to do anything that drastic. There are other solutions. Here are our tips on how to sleep better when your honey won’t stop twisting or turning or snoring or kicking. We promise a better night’s rest is on the way!

  1. Try a White Noise Machine

If you or your partner often find you can’t sleep, the white noise machine could be the answer to your prayers. Many couples say this machine, which makes a pleasant whirring sound, helps them get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The white noise masks the sounds your partner makes that you may find distracting, such as snoring or talking in their sleep.

  1. Experiment With Sleeping Positions With Your Partner

Have you always slept on the left side while your partner is on the right? It’s time to shake things up. Swap places for a week and see if you start to sleep better. Sometimes just doing something different can improve your sleep patterns. You’ll notice the mattress indentations will be different, and you could find your back feels better with the new support as well.

  1. Get Separate Sets of Blankets

The number one complaint for many couples is their partner stealing the blanket in the middle of the night. There’s nothing worse than waking up shivering because your sweetheart yanked away the blanket when they turned over. That’s why some couples swear by using separate blankets on the bed. One person no longer hogs the covers, and it prevents a lot of fights over a silly issue.

  1. Check for Sleep Complications

If your partner’s restlessness goes beyond the usual nighttime twists and turns, or they are a heavy snorer, it may be time to seek professional help. Your significant other could be suffering from sleep apnea or another serious condition that inhibits sleep. Talk to a doctor about how to seek treatment. Losing weight can help ease sleep apnea or snoring, as can sleeping on your side.

  1. Get Separate Beds

Maybe Ozzie and Harriet, the ‘50s sitcom couple who famously slept in separate beds on-screen, were on to something. When all else fails, you may want to consider getting separate beds for you and your significant other. The gains you’ll make in sleep and cognitive function will fully justify the added expense, and it may actually help your relationship. You’ll be much more sympathetic toward your mate if you don’t feel as though they’re hijacking your good sleep. At CRaVE Mattress, we can help you find a high quality mattress and bed that fits your needs.

By using these tips, you can restore harmony to your bedroom and finally get the quality sleep you desire. Remember, it is possible to get a good night’s sleep alongside your significant other, as long as you’re both willing to try new solutions.

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