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Your Guide to the Best Summer Movies on Netflix

Your Guide To the Best Summer movies on netflix

Is there anything better than lying in bed and binging on the best movies on Netflix? Our personal favorite is themed Netflix binging. You pick a certain subject, and you watch a bunch of movies about it. Of course, with the weather quickly warming, we’re eager to watch movies about summer!

Here’s our guide to the best Netflix movies to watch this summer.

  1. “The Endless Summer”

Surfers spend their lives searching for the perfect wave in this documentary from Bruce Brown, which follows two surfers around the world as they attempt to make summer last forever. The idea is to hit every time zone so that the summer never ends.

  1. “Grease”

You have to include a movie that actually has a song titled “Summer Lovin’.” “Grease” tells the story of a sweet summer romance that’s rekindled back at school, despite the two characters’ vast personality differences. John Travolta hits a lot of high notes in this career-making performance.

  1. “Notting Hill”

Summer is the time for romance, and this movie about an unlikely attraction between a British shopkeeper and the world’s most beloved actress is one of the most romantic you’ll find on Netflix. It stars Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in their charming, adorable prime.

  1. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”

Four best friends pledge to wear the same pair of pants over one magical summer. Though all the girls have very different experiences, the sisterhood of the pants helps keep them close. And you’ll wonder forever how many pairs of pants they had to make in real life to accommodate all the scenes in the movie.

  1. “A League of Their Own”

One of the most famous movie quotes of all time — “There’s no crying in baseball!” — comes from this film about the girls of summer, the women who played in the American baseball leagues during World War II when the men were busy fighting abroad. While it’s funny and poignant, it’s also educational and will make you want to take in a game or two this summer.

  1. “Wet Hot American Summer”

This 2001 spoof of camp-themed summer movies like “Meatballs” features lots of actors who went on to become household names, such as Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd and Bradley Cooper. They have a great time making fun of the standard camp movies and turn stereotypical film developments on their heads for deep belly laughs.

  1. “A Walk on the Moon”

During the historic summer when America put a man on the moon, a family takes a vacation near Woodstock. The mom, played by Diane Lane, thinks she’s relatively happy in her marriage until she meets a man played by Viggo Mortensen. They help show why the free love moment was so popular decades ago.

You can’t go wrong with any of these summer movies on Netflix. So pop a big bag of popcorn and dive right into these great films. When you’ve finished your binge, you can tell us what Netflix summer movies to put on our radar. We’re always eager for suggestions!

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