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10 Memes That Explain Just How Much We Love Sleep

We admit it. We’re totally obsessed with sleep. We love curling up on our bed with a warm blanket on top of us and a soft pillow beneath our head, and snoozing to our heart’s content.

There are many sleep benefits you can reap from catching extra shut-eye, too. Sleep helps:

  • Boost your health
  • Improve your mood
  • Moderate your weight

But sleeping benefits go far beyond those factors. There’s another reason people always say, “I love to sleep,” and it has nothing to do with anything quite so practical. The fact is, sleeping is fun! It’s relaxing. It’s a great way to leave tension and stress behind. And it’s so easy to do.

Apparently, people around the Internet are just as obsessed with sleep as we are, because we found a lot of funny memes about sleeping. These memes perfectly depict our love affair with sleep. If you have recently told someone, “I love sleeping,” then you need to check these out!

1. Sorry You Can’t Sleep

We aren’t proud of it, but sometimes we enjoy sleep even more when we know we’re sleeping and someone else isn’t. Consider this hysterical meme about morning wakeup time.

It almost makes you feel guilty for not having to wake up. Almost.

2. Why Do I Love Sleep so Much?

You’ve probably pondered this question when waking up from a long nap or realizing you overslept yet again. Well, have no fear, Keanu is here! Keanu Reeves has the answer for why your obsession with sleep may not even be your fault.

3. Hey, Are You Sleeping?

One of our pet peeves is people contacting us in the middle of the night to ask if we’re sleeping. Of course we’re sleeping! We love sleep! The bigger question is, why aren’t those people sleeping, and will they realize the error of their ways if they see this funny baby sleep meme?

4. Dare to Dream

The smartest people know that you should never give up on your dreams. Where would our country be if our great politicians and scientists and doctors and astronauts and lawyers didn’t follow their dreams? This funny meme tells us dreaming is always a good idea, whether it stems from actual sleep or not.

5. I Need Some Sleep!

The very worst feeling in the world may be exhaustion. When you don’t get enough sleep, you become bleary-eyed, grumpy, sloth-like and — say, did we mention grumpy? In fact, you might look a lot like this cute guy, who illustrates a meme about lack of sleep that everyone can relate to.

6. You Are Special

How can you tell we really like you? When we forego sleep to send you a text, as illustrated in this adorable meme with Raven-Symone of “The Cosby Show.”

7. How Much Do I Love to Sleep?

Nothing quite says, “I’m sleep-obsessed” like dreaming about sleep while you are actually asleep, right?

8. What I Look Like While I Sleep

There are a lot of memes about “what I really look like when I [fill in the blank here],” and sleep is no exception. This one made us laugh out loud.

9. Why I Need Sleep

You feel like a disaster when you don’t get enough sleep, as this American psycho illustrates.

10. The More Sleep, the Better

We’ve all heard you should get at least eight hours of sleep per night. We like to err on the upside of eight hours — as in way, way more than prescribed.

We’re betting after seeing these memes, you’re ready to take a nap. But after you’re done, let us know what your favorite sleep memes are in the comments!

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