Slim Steel Bed Frame

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DETAILS: To truly transform your bedroom into a gorgeous, relaxing space, you're going to need a bed frame for your mattress. An innerspring or memory foam mattress frame gets your mattress off the floor and supports it and its foundation properly. It gives you more height so you can get in and out of bed easily and keeps your mattress safe from dust, spills, debris and other matter. You can help preserve your mattress for longer by preventing unwanted wear and tear. No bedroom set is complete without a bed frame. Made with heavy-duty steel, our bed frames are designed to last. Our quality design ensures they won't buckle, bend, chip or bow. Offering locking legs and easy-to-adjust glides, our bed frame is easy to adjust to the size of your mattress for a perfect fit for any size. Once you're set up it will stay in place whether your bedroom floors are carpet, tile or wood. This slim frame and discreet look can be easily hidden under bed linens or can look classic with both modern and traditional furnishings. Our bed frame is the pretty shoe to your bedroom outfit.

Height: 7” tall        Features: No tools required for easy assembly, Heavy duty steel, Made in the USA 

Why Buy Your Mattress and Frame Online?

Shop for your mattress frame online at Crave and you'll enjoy plenty of benefits, including:

1) An affordable bed frames for your mattress.

At some furniture stores, buying a bed frame can run hundreds of dollars. We know because our team has worked with the top five mattress and furniture stores across the country. At Crave, we keep overhead low and ships directly to you, helping us cut costs so we can pass on the savings. We believe everyone should have a quality mattress and bed frame without having to spend thousands!

2) The right-sized innerspring or memory foam bed frame.

Our team has tested our bed frames to ensure they work with any mattress, including our innerspring and firm memory foam mattresses. No matter what size of mattress you get, the adjustable bed frame works well with both mattresses, ensuring you won't have any surprises when you get both products delivered.

Since our bed frames are adjustable, and we’ve tested them, you won’t end up with the classic problem of the not-quite-perfect fit, which can make your mattress unstable on the frame.

3) An easy-to-assemble frame.

We've selected bed frames that are easy to assemble and don't require any special tools. You can set up your bed frame and bed without spending hours on the project. It even ships conveniently in a compact box that can be easily carried to your bedroom.

4) High-quality materials and sturdy design.

Since Crave is a U.S.-based company, we've selected a U.S.-made bed frame. This ensures quality materials and craftsmanship. We know where the bed frames come from, and we know they're made by companies who stand by their work and must meet certain federal guidelines for safe products. When your family is sleeping on our product, we take every precaution make sure they are safe and of the highest quality. 

5) Easy shopping.

Crave’s online bed frame and mattress store make it incredibly easy to buy your mattress and bed frame, and even a foundation, in one place. There's no need to walk through enormous warehouses, listen to salespeople try to upsell you products you don't need or spend hours arranging delivery and pickup. We have everything you need in one place.

With Crave, all you have to do is select what you want, select the sizes you need, click the order through and wait for your items to arrive. We ship for free by FedEx to ensure prompt delivery, and we ship within three business days of your order, so you don’t have to wait for restful sleep.

Both your mattresses and bed frame will arrive at your doorstep in boxes that are easy to get into your house, unpack and assemble. We make it simple to get a good night’s sleep because we believe you shouldn't require a nap after putting together a bed. Although if you purchase one of our comfortable mattresses with your bedframe, you are going to want a nap to try it out.

Why Crave? Well, we are the best!

Crave was created by a group of people who have more than 90 years of combined experience in the mattress manufacturing and sales industry. We understand what customers want, how mattresses are made and exactly how to get the highest quality, superior comfort mattresses to customers at the right price.

When we set up our business, we wanted to do more for customers looking for quality sleep. We think a good night’s sleep should be everyone's fundamental right. Our experience has shown us that one solution and one mattress doesn't suit everybody. Just as every human body is different, different mattresses may be needed for different sizes, medical conditions, and preferences. From our testing, we developed two mattresses: our firm memory foam mattress and our plush innerspring and memory foam hybrid mattress

At Crave, we spent more than three years on research and development, and we will always be students of mattresses, learning more about the industry and what our customers want. Our goal in all of this is to help you find the right mattresses, frames, and foundations to put together a bed set that is functional, attractive and supportive. We’re so confident we've succeeded; we offer a 100-night trial.

If you’re ready to start feeling awake during the day and want to start looking forward to bedtime, try a mattress from Crave today. Have additional questions; our dedicated team is ready to help.  Contact us today!


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